Healthy habit challenge

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to Facebook needing tips for working out at home because a gym membership is out of our budget right now (Yay getting out of debt). I love exercise and have a hard time finding time to fit it in. Some angel of a friend reached out to me and said that if I would commit to meeting her at 6am 3 times per week, she would add me to her gym membership. I’m not one to normally accept such a large offer, but I knew I needed this and so I said yes! It is week 3 and it has been incredible. We workout for an hour, nothing insane, but I have so much more energy and joy. So it got me thinking, what are some other things I could add into my day to make it a little bit better? AND THEN I thought, what if I make it a challenge? So, here we are. 30 days. Every day for the first 15 days, we will add one new healthy habit, and then continue doing them all for 15 days and see what we liked and didn’t like. Sounds fun, right? Some will be easy, some will be hard. I’m excited! I would love for you to follow along with me. I’ll be posting a video everyday on Instagram stories (follow me! houseofwade is my username) and then do a big post here at the end. I plan on starting in June, here is the list of habits!

June 1st: Drink a gallon of water every day. They say this can help with weight loss, energy, headaches, memory loss, digestion and joint pain, to name a few.
June 2nd: Take a 10 minute walk (alone or with family). Use this time to listen to an uplifting podcast, or spend time with your partner to talk about your days.
June 3rd: Read for 30 minutes from a good book. Right now I’m reading The Compound Effect! I learn something great each time I pick it up.
June 4th: Morning meditation. However this looks for you, just try 10 minutes. Mine will include prayer, but quiet time is key. This can help with stress relief, brain function, and reduces anxiety.
June 5th: Meatless Monday. Every Monday, eat no meat! It can reduce your carbon footprint by 8 pounds each meatless Monday. It also saves you money! Meat is expensive. (Source)
June 6th- Drink green tea. Green tea has been known to improve brain function, help with weight loss, manages cholesterol and more!
June 7th: Go to bed early. Even 15 minutes! I always have plans to go to bed early but end up watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram. Time to stick to it!
June 8th: Write down 2 things your thankful for. It’s so easy to focus on the negative things, this will help you see some positives!
June 9th: Do something that makes you laugh. I always love a good Youtube video! Here are some of my favorites: Kristen Wiig as KhaleesiChris Pratt on the Ellen showEllen sends her employees to a haunted house)
June 10th: NO processed sugar. I think we all know too much processed sugar is bad. This isn’t one I struggle with much, but I could always eat less of it.
June 11th: Stretch for 15 minutes. Stretching increases circulation, makes you more flexible, could reduce stress levels, can give you more energy and helps with posture!
June 12th: No phones after 6pm. I love social media. Let’s be real. I think it’s so cool that it brings connections from all over the world. I like seeing all of the cool things people post and keeping up with people that have moved away! Every night I notice my husband and I are just staring at our phones. It drives me up a wall. So I’m hoping this is one that sticks.
June 13th: Send someone a card. A thank you card, a hello card, just write it out and send it! Studies have shown that saying thank you to someone can make you feel amazing!
June 14th: Drink hot lemon water in the morning. This could help boost your immune system, aid digestion, and reduce inflammation!
June 15th: Wake up earlier! I’ve already started this 3 days a week to work out, but I will try the other days as well.

If you decide to join me, let me know! I would love to hear about how it’s going.




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