Clean beauty round-up!

For me, another huge part of getting healthy was looking at what products I was using on my body. As important as it is to think about what you’re putting IN your body, I feel just as strongly about what is going on your skin! I’ve tried so many “clean” products and have made a list of only the ones I love the most. Each item will be linked! Enjoy!


Face cleanser & moisturizers.


I’ll start with skin care. I’m pretty simple with cleansing and moisturizing. The cleanser I use is Pacifica Kale Detox deep cleansing face wash. I love this brand for a million reasons, but my favorite is that it’s affordable and sold at Target. Any excuse to go to Target is pretty fun. For daily moisturizer, I use Shea Moisture’s peace rose oil moisturizer. The love I have for this stuff is crazy. It’s not oily, not greasy, just leaves my skin feeling clean and happy. About once per week, I mix my Shea moisture with Boots Botanics face oil and get a deep moisturizing in. It feels amazing and has great ingredients!


Body care.


For my bod, I am alllll about some Ursa Major. I love this company. I am weird with smells. I really like more musky, minty, or just masculine smells. I rarely like strongly floral scents. Maybe I’m weird, who knows. Anyways, they have the cleanest smelling stuff, and the cleanest ingredients. I have tried several of their products and have yet to dislike anything! The deoderant smells minty, keeps me fresh for an entire day, and is aluminum free! Both their body wash and lotion come in a set and the smells are perfect. My ONLY complaint about anything, is that the body wash is supposed to be concentrated and not much should be needed, but you do need 2-3 pumps to really clean your whole body. But it’s lasted me a few months and still not empty so it’s not bad! The last product from them that I swear by is their 4-in-1 face tonic. I don’t use it daily, but several times per week, just when my skin is feeling like it needs some extra loving, this stuff comes in and brightens it up. Read the reviews and you will get it, people love it.


Face masks.


My FAVORITE thing. I love masking. It’s such a fun way to scare your husband and is also so great for your skin when you find the right ones. My current obsession is the mermaid mask by Leah Lani. Besides making your skin feel new and refreshed, she is an amazing business woman and so kind. I always enjoy supporting that! Acure is another great brand found at Target for great prices (if you don’t like shopping amazon). This mask is my favorite for pore minimizing and this one is amazing for glowing and younger looking skin! Some others that I enjoy but don’t use as often are the Shea moisture hydrating mud mask and Herbivore botanical ACTIVATE (which is no longer available but they have amazing products as well.)


Make up.


I am suuuuper simple with make up. I used to get a little crazier, but I feel best wearing these three simple products! After moisturizing with all of the mentioned about things, I use 100 percent pure foundation. At first, the texture (kind of watery) threw me off and I wasn’t into it. After getting used to it though, I could not imagine another foundation. For me, it works best applied with just my fingertips. Next, I use their cream blush. This was another product that threw me off some. I had always used powder blush! Again, can’t ever imagine using another product now. Last, I throw on some mascara and am good to go. This stuff smells amazing and no clumps! Mascara is kind of boring to me so not much else to say. I am looking for a good highlighter, I love highlighting my face, but haven’t found a good “clean” product that I like yet. Send me your tips!


That’s it! I also use a lot of essential oils for my skin and teeth, but that’s another blog post! I would love to hear if you have tried any of these or if you do end up trying some, how you like it! I also always love hearing about and trying new products so shoot them my way!


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